It’s that ill vibe I get,

No more people screaming for respect,

I do mine all correct,

No more dreaming,

I want to take it,

Put my ass on a pedestal,

No one to break it,

Come through,

I can hear you,

Mic check one two,

Still ill,

I want to kill it,

Free will,

Live and real,

I don’t need no vodka or a pill,

Sit my ass next to a girl,

I know she want to chill,

Playback one time,

You spilled,

Put it down for my roots,

I can break it into section,

Then compute,

A flow that will take you a long time to grasp,

It’s written to the beat of me hauling your ass,

My voice will last,

No need for confinement,

I am right behind it,

Why you start crying,

When I see you,

Seems like the more money I make,

The more problems for you,

I do what I want too,

No need to lie,

Always work hard,

Try and try,

Then soon you will see,

It’s all right,

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