I look at the clock,

I must take the train that goes 15:19,

To be at work before 16.00,

I pack my bag with my computer,

And adapter to my phone,

Since my phone turns off very quickly,

I put on a headset,

Spray myself with this new perfume,

It’s Polo,

I take on my black bobble jacket,

I feel an excitement,

As I walk across the corridor,

This is still very new to me,

I put my piece as away on the list,

I walk out the door to the train,

I turn on my headset,

Listening to mostly rap,

I sit on the train,

Thinking about where the other people are going,

It’s still not after regular work hours,

And still there’s many people at the train,

Maybe they also have part-time jobs,

I see many young people,

Probably finishing off school,

I see some happy faces and some plain,

As my stop is reaching I decide if I want to take a coffee with me,

From the nearby coffee place,

I usually do,

I like caramel macchiato,




I walk up the big stairs that is between an office and a churcha,

I’m hurrying when I realize I have little time left,

I continue into the street,

That leads too my workplace,

It takes around 3 minutes from the start,

Too my workplace,

I may meet some of my co-workers on this road,

Sometimes I do,

Sometimes I don’t,

I push the bell at the front door,

I can hear it ringing,

I hear a buzzing sound,

That’s how I know the door is unlocked,

I walk into the hall,

Say hi to the receptionist,

Go to the second floor,

I call my boss,

You see,

I don’t have the keys to the doors,

Because they only have limited amounts,

And I am one of the newest employees,

She usually come open it right away,

I am guided to where I’m supposed to work for that day,

I am usually the first from my team who arrives,

We are three people,

I open my laptop,

Plugin adapter to my computer and mobile phone,

Open our webpage,

And start focusing on the tasks,

At hand,




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