I like Kevin Hart,

His charisma is a blessing,

Maybe he got it from his mama,

Mama africa is a state of mind,

I don’t lie about time,

I don’t crave walking the line,

Bushes are sinking in the water,

Looking hotter and hotter,

Svelling feeling of honey,

Making cash money,

Working till dawn to when its sunny,

Stressing the shit out of my mind,

Looking to withhold a standard of living,

Not wishing to break free from tradition,

So so my dear,

I don’t cry,

What is it that you want,

My heart craving pancakes is brisant,

Looking for music that’s vanguard,

Hoping to earn one mill by end of 2020,

It’s a state of mind,

Blissless soul in search of power,

Making faces in the sun,

So I feel higher,

Status is a point of view,

What is life but a shadow of you,

I like philosophical thought,

Making me want to change font,

Dreaming in spanish,

I think is a bearer bond,

I make mistakes it’s fun,

What would my mama say,

If i did everything my way,

I just wish she would let me,

Show her my way,

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