What’s the point,

I’m drifting away,

Call me son,

I smile when you’re around,

Call me the fifth wheel,

I don’t look for trouble,

I’m the space shuttle,

Don’t mix it up,

I’m like a dream,

I look for people to bother,

I am the other,

The grass is greener in my yard,

My yard is going hard,

Your face remembers me,

I can’t forget,

I think I am melodramatic,

So I don’t show up,

I hope to live by the sea,

Where everything is perfect,

Point of no return,

I can’t forget,

Lift me up to your knees,

So I can see correct,

Don’t stop the movement,

It’s going great,

Your a human-being,

Never forget,

3 Replies to “Never forget”

  1. Alex’s posts are a treat where he covers all parts of life, quite often unconventionally, especially in regard to his writing of lyrics to already famous songs

  2. Your blog is fascinating, with every poem I find myself more and more intrigued, a little more curious and, definitely, wanting to read more of your well expressed ideas. You have a written voice and a style that captivates the reader and that’s pretty amazing!

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