Thinking back on the times,

Know I got to follow,

Not to be left behind,

Know the pain,

That I have too swallow,

Knowing that I need to do more,

For my life to be yellow,

Know I need to listen to the cello,

Know I need to open,

Start saying hello,

Know I got to lay low,

Know I got something you need to hear yo,

Know I got to scare yo,

Know that you live in fear yo,




I have a sick hairdo,

Know I like blue,

I stick to ya like glue,

Know there’s nothing left for you to do,

Then stay true,

Know I got to protect my neck,

Know I got to get my respect,

Know I got to keep some people in check,

Know that every mic,

I wreck,

Know that 2 minus 1 equals 1,

Know I lay your ass out,

What the fuck you gon’ do son,



Know that time flies,

Everybody dies,

You need more proof to judge me by,

Know I will forever be me,

Know that I need to open my eyes,

To see,




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