Memories of our lives,

Of our work and our deeds,

Will continue in others,

Wise words,

Of a lady,

Who stole our hearts,

She learned us,

That to overcome racism,

We must prepare our children,

For what is to come,

Tired of giving in,

We have to stand up,

For eachother,

For our countries,

I learned from this person,

That we can’t ignore,

The problems in our society,

Cause they will hit back,


No more ignoring,

Everyday racism,


Me too,

Teached that,

there is hope,

More people coming forth,

And we can see the effects,

No more shame,

In 1913,

A freedom-fighter,

Was born,

Her name was,

Rosa Parks,

2 Replies to “No more shame!”

  1. Love Rosa Parks, she’s a great inspirer every year on her birthday I devote a tutorial lesson with my students to Rosa and every year the new ones love it. Moving tribute you have written ??

    1. Thank you for your kind words! 😀 She is something else, isn’t she? So elegant and kind and smart, and of course brave! Where and what do you teach?

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