Mob for life,

Don’t focus on the heart,

Focus on what’s right,

Beat dropping quick,

Change the lights,

Farewell tomorrow,

Bye yesterday,

Think like a star,

Shining all day,

I am the horror,

I am the dream,

A recognizable force,

A storm in between,

Break my balls,

If you can,

I don’t follow your lead,

I take a chance,

Happy thoughts,

Happy family,

All my life,

I dream about,

A happy salary,

No cash no charge,

Breaking the rhythm,

in half,

Please excuse my language,

But fuck,

I thought of the past,

You think I’m smart,

Too old for the big boys,

My face you see boy,

Living in love,

Think I’m a toy,

Saying jojo,


Accappella children,

Food I’m bringing,

Trying to avoid this low lifes,

Wishing to be singing,

4 Replies to “Ol’ dirt I’m bringing”

    1. Hi, sorry but been all about creating hip hop lately. Recorded my first song, you can find it at my blog post page. Else I will try to write more poems soon! Have a good one!

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