Own lyrics to nas is like



I am the undisputable wonder,

I am the fire in your belly,

No one can tell me,

From you,

Defeating obstacles,

More than you’ll ever be,

I am right were I’m supposed too,

Half me half you,

One in two,

My hair I grew,

Until it was nothing more to do,

That’s right the women love me,

Putting no man above me,

Life is good,

My fam is lovely,

I want to say sorry,

I want you to adore me,

No time to worry,

Life is kinda scary,

Beware G,

Cause no one can know,

When it is your time to go,

Listen to my flow,

I want to lay low,

In Madrid, Spain,

Drive a batmobile like Bruce wayne,

Sing more songs for you again,

My intellect is making people suspect,

Of my motives when I am speaking correct,

Nobody can truly understand me,

For everyone who want to be,

Free like me,

Do your job,

Stay spiritually,

Connected to the possibilities,

Morphically like how I am supposed to be,

I will always be me,

Looking into the sky hopefully,



Find a way to be utilized,

Listen to my advice,

Cause you never know,

 when death stands in front of your eyes,

Stay prepared and it won’t come as a surprise,

No time to listen to the lies,

I just keep doing me,

Until the weak people dies,

I hate to see when my mother cries,

It only reflects on how I never say,

I love you to her face,

I doubt myself,

A lot,

Still I see myself shine,

Standing up for my peoples,

Time after time,

The weak in me is gone,

As I stand up for mine,

My power lies within me,

I am the divine,

Never stop believing,

Never stop trying,

Come on people,

Make yourself useful,

Be productive,

Be supportive of one another,

Take time to call your sister or your brother,

Life is great,

I love her,

Never say never,

Be kind to one another,

Were all different from each other,

Learn to see the differences between me and you,

One goal in life,

Be yourself,

Get out from down under,

Let nobody steal your thunder,

Cause you are meant to be,

A world wonder,