Is something wrong,

My mind is blocked,

Leeves hooping up in my yard,

Got to pay the rent,

Fix the car,

Is there a meaning behind this,

I always expect the worst,

My mind is locked behind the doors,

Waiting for someone to burst,

I hid the key and now I’m trapped,

I am sinking behind bars,

Trying to bust a rap,

My mind is floating,

In synz and in motion,

Hitting the notion and finding the poision,

Better lock me in before I sin,

Hidden scars on my way to win,

Lock lock,

Who’s there?

A pot,

Hoping and hip hopping,

Stirring the pot,

With my mind on my rap,

And a hoe on my mind,

Petey Pablo is incarcerated,

And so am I,

Not enough space for me to go around,

Fake it till I make it,

Staying alive in the underground,

Peace is my belief,

Stopped smoking weed,

Because I learnt to speak,

Crack open the bottle to see,

Peace to my best friends and peace to the streets,

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