When I was at your party,

I couldn’t behave,

I was mistaken for a thief,

A sort of slave,

I had a lot of worries,

If I could stand before your grave,

And tell you I’m sorry,

I misbehaved,

I want to know,

Are you mistaken,

Giving me a low blow,

Or are you faking,

I scream slave,

I am waiting,

Want to be brave,

Instead of shaking,

I am not for taking,

I am not waving,

No more opression,

I can be without,

I want to see progression,

So I use my mouth,

Wave after wave,

I feel lost,

In a world full of favourites,

You are my boss,

No time to lose sight,

Of what is lost,

Break open your mind,

With a cross,

Burning desires,

Lost in a wire,

I am a ghost,

You should go out and vote,

Incertion needed,

For the most,

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