Hi hope you’ve had a god day so far. I have had an awesome day, Even though nothing special happenes. Except, I have found love in youtube. Therefore I have decide d to promote my youtube channel here.

My youtube channel is called Base Artist. I put up videos of my music. For those that don’t know I create hip hop music. I make the beat and all. I also have put up a song on spotify called See everything (you can find it if you search “base see everything” on Spotify). I have applied to have more songs on spotify, but enough about that.

I would very much appreciate that those of you who have a youtube account subscribe to my channel and also maybe listen to a couple of song and comment/thumb up. Here’s the link to my channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCs6Og08Lx9E5Fk-1x7QjTdQ

Best regards,

Alexander Hunde Myrvold

at like2read

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    1. Thanks. i couldn’t comment on the other post, so here it is: Wow. Powerful stuff. Was just tyinking about power, respect and money. How these things really correlates. With money comes power and with power comes respect.

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