It’s like I’m faling to see the big picture,

I am not true to myself,

By being overqualified,

My mental state leaves me drainless,

Like I was drainless when I was found in Ethiopia,

I don’t see the connection,

It all comes clearer when I don’t think about it,

I have to learn to let go,

My emotional state is understated,

Still not effective,

My mind wants to run but I keep it in check,

Like a game of chess I deliberately keep myself in check mate,

My voice is sore,

I think I know what to do, but do I?

I lost connection to the world at large,

I don’t see an end to this fight,

I am achieving a lot, still I don’t confine,

I am at least incompetent for not knowing my full strength,

I undermine my abilities,

When there is hope I push it aside,

I don’t want to feel the pain,

I just realized that I need power,

Power lasts longer than fear,

Opportunities for me to grow comes through the journey of life,

No need to seek confinement,

All I know will be persecuted,

It shall whither in the face of obstruction,

When I read the lips of people,

I don’t see myself in them,

I see them as the other,

The people that will destroy me,

The truth is hard to bear,

I don’t visualize enough,

When I will die I hope my spirit will live on,

I don’t cope with reality so I have to picture myself,

Being held up by society,

I don’t fall in love,

I live to love,

There’s a difference,

When you fall in love you don’t have a chance,

When you live to love you desperately need it,

I want to cherish my inner most feeling with you,

You who read this,

In hope that I will one day realize the true meaning of hope,

Hope is everywhere,

You just got to seek it,

When there is hope there is desire,

Desire will leave you with fruit to bear,

As it is not giving nor taking it just keeps on,

I am feeling kind of lonely I don’t know what to do,

When I am aroused I don’t see the light,

I see myself crumbling before you,

In need of a spiritual connection,

I am not in need of nobody,

I see others therefore I see myself,

Talking to much gives me stress,

I only want to observe the nature of humans,

The deepest feelings in all,

I am not a finished product,

I have yet to realize my potential,

But I am on my way,

I will take my time,

Slow motion is better than no motion,

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