Hotter than Rwanda,


Snake bite,




Staring at me cause she wanna,


In the club,


I’m in the corner,


We both a foreigner,


I’m an earner,


She a turner,


She will learn ya,


She a burner,


You will yearn her,


Ass like that,


She will smack,


She doesn’t like you,


Cause you’re wack,


Making money,


Just like that,


On point,


Bernie Mack,


Leaving her,


Ain’t all that,


She want me,


Cause I rap,


Solo joint,


On the track,


Going on in the sack,






Loving her is not right,


But it’s okay,


Falling for her over and over,




Made me say,


Why you look at me that way,


I’m the lion,


She the pray,


I’m gon’ eat,


Either way,




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