Yo tengo una maleta,

Eating ice cream con la fresa,

Taking trips to the river de segura,

En Cazie, España,

A coca-cola por favor,

Looking like a business man or un profesor,

Chilling like I’m caesar,

Don’t want to appeaser,

Just want to be richer,

No quiero hablo,

Stacking money like senior Pablo,

No need to look like a sambo,

Quiero estár cien años!,

3 Replies to “Quiero vacation”

  1. First few lines are very clever. Good bilingual rhymes.
    Hope you don’t mind a couple of suggestions, you might say: Yo no hablo (because “quiero hablo” would be “quiero hablar”)
    Not sure about the word “sambo”, could be interpreted as unkind, choose another word that ends in -blo perhaps?
    tablo? (table) establo? (stable) or diablo (not a commentary on the person of color sambo)
    Mis dos centavos : ) Rebecca

    1. Thank you for your suggestions. I really appreciate it 😉 One question though, why do you say quiero hablar, isn’t it because I say quiero it’s yo hablo? Or is hablo tú form?
      I’ll check out your blog as well 🙂 Aclamaciones!

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