Buzz says the bee,

The cat says mjauu,

Moo says the cow,

When it rains only a few know why and how,

The rain symbolizes nurturment and wealth,

When it rains I think about how good it felt,

The rain is empowering of purest form,

Rain is flowiring and can be warm,

Rain is a main ingredient in the circle of life,

Rain let’s you know when you’ve entered the light,

I always complain not because of the rain,

I open my mouth when I’m in doubt,

The rain gives meaning to an invivible route,

It rains in the east, it rains in the south,

Without water we would be beasts, without ability to shout,

We are all going to die no doubt,

But with healthy living and constant breathing,

We could be foreseeing, another way out,

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