R&B girl

I seek a lover and a friend,

Someone who can stay with me,

Till the end,

A person with a big heart,

Who’s also smart,

My perfect girl is a common girl,

Still she will be the only girl,

In my world,

Size is not that important,

What is,

Is that she takes my heart with extortion,

Holding my hand as we’re walking,

Creating beautiful talking,

It’s hard to find a girl who’s like me,

Maybe it’s not supposed to be,

Maybe differences make ordinary,


I will find the one,

The bullet to my gun,

My moon and my sun,

The search has just begun,

I expect good things in my life,

Like I’ve already won,

Makes me feel happy,

Instead of crappy,

Makes me want to dance,

Makes me listen to music that’s advanced,

I want an r&b girl,

And what’s for sure,

It will be heard,