I am at a loss for words,

I keep thinking of what I just heard,

I keep going in circles,

Where is my spot in this world,

I need a girl,

Who make my head twirl,

Sharing the centre like a curl,

Making me unwhirl,

My head spinning,

How can I be winning,

When I’m always second,

In recon,

My weekdays goes in one,

I feel like I won’t remember no-one,

It’s all mixed like crum,

Help me some,


Now what is, 


It’s what you got to learn to be in this life biz,

Open question,

No quiz,

Is everything combined,

Can you tell a criminal,

The biggest fault wasn’t the crime,

But not believing that you can shine,

Make yourself chime,

We can all climb,

Become succesful,

In mind,

You will find,

You’re good enough,

All the time

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