Where did you go fam,

Burning bridges,

Hahaha, Laugh it of man,

Your dick is to small to give a damn,

Holy shit it’s a lamb,

Going nuts on the white man,

Propelling off into the sky,

Clan men, but no office champs,

I live this life, why you ask for a grand,

Why not two or three,

Selling dope on street is too easy for me,

I came in to hip hop, with a bang,

CoCo puffs all day,

Silicon land,

I am not being real I’m fake as shit,

Going crazy on a dog cause I was Ill lit,

Broke the tv cause I spelled it,

Breaking barriers slitting throaths,

You hear the pig go,

Oink Oink,

I peed myself cause it was too hot,

G u not,

Dicks and hypocrites,

I’ll leave em rotting,

near a crucifix,

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