I am happy were I am,

I’ve reached the place I want to be,

Still I need a friend,

Not people supposing me,

I have work that makes me feel joy,

A passion full of life,

I can not play that like a toy,

I can not mistreat my wife,

When I think of my life,

I sometimes go blank,

I don’t want to focus on what’s thrife,

I just want to make things right,

I am no genius like Mozart or Picasso,

I am just not there,

Still in my work I have no fear,

Trial and error,

Don’t fail never,

Hold on to what’s dear,

I don’t want to stay poor,

Fame we adore, but what for,

Get to the bone, to the core,

There’s a car with my name on it,

I’ll ride screaming till I’m sore,

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