It is always greener on the other side,

That’s my perception,

Why am I fumbling,

Like a man who can’t get an erection,

You need protection,

Running away from exhaustion,

Moving away, abortion,

I need a candle to light up my room,

I need an angle with a broom,

A space making some room,

A path that takes me to destruction,

Is a path of no conduction,

My life could be fiction,

I’ll stop when there is no production,

I don’t play around,

I am in my zone,

Reading zen flesh, Zen bone,

I am out for the thrown,

Playing music in the apartment,

I don’t hear what they say anyway,

Listen close seargent,

cause I don’t want to beg your pardon,

Always be great no retirement,

There is no way there trying em,

Men, women and children,

Linking through the internet smiling,

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