Back in the days,

I was a fool,

Stealing sodas,

Not going to school,

I was bullied,

Because I was gullible,

I didn’t think,

I was cute and loveable,

Then I started smoking grass,

I was too young,

It was going so fast,

I thought I was finally free at last,

In reality thinking too much of the past,

My uncle said,

You don’t understand,

Now I’ve finally come to my senses,

Starting becoming a man,

I used to not give a damn,

Now I feel like giving up,

All the scams,

Now I understand,

that I am so fortunate,

To grow up not poor,

Have every gadget,

Now I can’t afford that much,

Got to keep my budget,

Still I value my relationships more than money,

Because what is it other than humans,

That can make you truly happy,

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