How you do,

How are you,

I am Alex,

Nice to meet you,

What’s up,

Up top,

Hear the beat drop,

Bop bop,

It’s that hip-hop,

Show me what you got,

You think you leave me here to rot,

But I will shock,


Right here on this spot,

Show you what is and what’s not,

Call me rap-a-lot,

It’s hot, 

I switch it up,

Do deli do deli do,

What you gonna do,

Maybe not think that much,

Here with my crew,

Coming to you,

To your town,

Euro, dollar or pund,

What ever,

It’s that crazy flavor,

Topped with lemon,


On point every minute every hour,

On top of the game,


You need to take shower,

Mc’s I devour,


This is soupe du jour,

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