I came in my bitch’s eye,

Making it rain,

She felt the pain,

Then said,

Do that again,

Getting mo brain,


I’m smokin’,

You’re corporal,

I’m the sergeant,

Giving you the cane,

Nothing is the same,

You ain’t familiar,

With the insane,

It’s like I’m a jackass and you’re a game,

I mean,

You’re lame,

Cool is to you foreign,

I’m more productive,

Like a crop producing grain,

I get a kick out of being slick,

While you just get kicked,

One click,

Away from pulling the triggah,

On a fake niggah,

Running circles around you,

You can’t figure,

I do what I’m supposed to do,

While you waste more time,

Grow up dude,

You still on interlude,

You’re money came and went away,

Gradually then suddenly,

Like Hemingway,

I can’t stop,

Like Hairspray,

Be humble,

You have too,


While you wished I would just go away,

I stay,

In front of you’re face,

I battle you anytime,

I got better flow than Mase,

I know you need more space,

But I don’t give a fuck,

You just got to keep up with the pace,

Getting girls with grace,

Always blaze,

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