The holy spirit,

Are you with it?

Forget about what you know,

Dare to go,

Deep into your mind,

Let’s look what’s behind,

Your facade,

Test your faith in god,

You see to be Christian,

You got to be hard,

Everybody thinks it’s all fun,

But listen son,

It’s real difficult,

To follow what’s biblical,

Stay spiritual,

The bible says heal the cripple,

I rather see them die in a sick hole,



Yeah I’m a old age white pope,

I smoke dope,

I get pussy everywhere I go,

I got to lay low,

Or else the paparazzi’s will know,

I have plenty of hoes,

They need love too,

I am getting money like I’m supposed too,

Trying to make a new gold rush in Peru,

Fuck staying true,

I rather choke your baby in it’s brue,

Then come back and kill you,

Is this to hard too swallow,

Then you’re shallow,

You sit on a throne of lies,

Your magic barrel,



I kill your ass for staring,

I take what you have and make an industry out of what you’re wearing,

Enough with your blaming,

I see that it is your sorry ass you’re trying to saving,

Shooting people of a helicopter,

You could say I like gaming,

No need for complaining,

I am the king,

I love fighting,

Say you don’t like me,

That’s trifling,

Don’t hate me for what I got,

Hate me for not giving a fuck,

Call the cops,

Who’s going to believe you?

While I’m sitting inside,

Outside it’s raining rain drops,








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