It’s good to have a system of thoughts,

So, you don’t have to doubt yourself all the time,

With doubt comes confusion and fear,

To become more confident you must act,

Not wait for things to happen by themselves,

With action you choose what to thrive for,

Therefore, you have made a commitment and a standpoint,

This will again lead you to better know yourself,

And others,

To decide what to commit too,

Try thinking about what would make you happy,

Is it yoga, meditation, chess, football?

Or maybe being an actor, lawyer, doctor or police-officer?

Whatever it is, there’s a quote saying,

 the main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing,

Too me that means to focus on your primary goal

 And don’t let anything distract you,

With a system you need less effort to do the same job,

Therefore, you become more efficient and have more vitality,

Finding something that’s challenging and not to difficult at the same time,

Is the key happiness,

So, let yourself shine by finding your true passion,

And inspire people as you do it,



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