The sun rises as our consciousness awakens,

Our dreams are sometimes conscious, sometimes not,

If you see your dreams as important, give them meaning,

Your dreams will begin slowly be present in your daily life,

The light reflects our innermost state,

The light is the dawning of our consciousness,

When we are in light we see,

Our home is our safe space,

If our home is messy it tells its own story,

It’s good to have eyes open,

To see how you can improve your environment,

If you stay organized your mind will also be organized,

Everything is energies, flowing within us,

We are represented by atoms moving inside us,

To direct your energy in the right places,

You need to observe your own behavior, and others,

Because you can better see the errors in others,

Our eyes need to be at the top of the hierarchy,

It’s a mean of grasping our own existence,

If we see what’s going on, then we can change it,

That’s why people say stay woke,

Because you need to always have your eyes open,

To be different means you have perspective outside the norm,

A different perspective may give you the boost to transform your life,



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