The universe flows through our minds,

Like the universe it never ends,

Like the sun our energy gives light,

Too our soul, as the sun to the moon,

The moons light depends on the location,

Around the planet,

Our soul’s energy also depends on its location,

It’s state of being,

Some people say that in sleep,

Gleams of a remote world visit the soul,

I believe it to be true,

It seems like our inner world is more centered,

As we wake up,

In sleep our mind must have edited our sub-conscious,

Making it more fathomable,

But when we go through the day,

Our thoughts begin to see cracks,

Sleep is inevitable and useful to recharge our body,

As well as mind and soul,

It’s a myth that everybody needs 8 hours of sleep,

Some need more, some need less,

If a habit of 10 hours sleep is formed,

Then you will need 10 hours of sleep,

Too change our habit we must increase or decrease sleep gradually,

Still there’s something called the body clock,

It’s our most natural wake and sleeping pattern,

The interesting thing about that is,

We all have our individual clock,

So, when someone say they need 8 hours of sleep,

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you must have the same,



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