The spirit is quality in it’s purest form,

When we find our spirit we find ourself,

Because they are the same,

You can be alone but not feel lonely,

That’s due to our spirit,

It keeps us full,

I wonder what will happen to our spirit,

When we die,

I like the thought that it will,

Find shelter in another body,

Creating waves of insight into others,

What would we be without the spirit,

Maybe we’d be like ghost,

Searching for nothing,

The meaning of power,

Lies within us,

Our spirit determines our power,

Mastering our emotions,

Will keep us alive,

Emotions makes us human,

I would rather have the downfall,

Then feeling nothing at all,

The journey through our emotions,

Is exciting and worth taking,

Too win, you have to take chances,

There’s never something for nothing,

It begins with a thought, an idea,

Where the idea comes from, doesn’t matter,

All you should do is stay open,

It will make the world different,

Making it more comprehensible,

Too understand the world,

You must find yourself first,

Think of something new,

Don’t expect different results for the same action,

Remember it all starts with a thought or an idea,

Create momentum and rise above the burden,

Eventually what you desire will become an reality,

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