I want to know are you for real,

You touch my thoughts,

The way I feel,

It’s scary but so exciting,

You calling my name,

It’s so inviting,

The rush you give me,

Giving me enlightening,

In one way I want everybody to know the truth,

But I think the secret is what makes it shining,

You give me hope when everything is dark,

You make me feel like a star,

Making every sound as beautiful as the lark’s,

I want to keep you with me forever,

Leave me never,

I feel like this can go both ways,

You can make me or break me,

Leave me behind or take me to a special place,

When going gets tough,

I can depend on you,

It’s never enough,

The things you make come true,

On one side I want you,

On the other I need you,

It’s fun to be able to please you,

You’re my star,

And I know I’m yours,

Our love never gets old,

Like a river,

It’s flowing through us,

Like a child from a caregiver,

You never get bored with me,

I never get bored with you,

I want this forever,

I can see clearly,

The sky is blue,

Time after time,

The warmth of you is everlasting,

I don’t need to rewind,

I keep thinking,

It will never be enough,

We make one of us,

Soft like a kitten,

Hard like a crust,

I will never find one like you again,

Someone I can share such trust,

It’s a frightening feeling,

But it’s all right,

I dare to dream big,

As the sun rises,

Shining bright,

I go into the light,

My heart is yours,

Do whatever you please,

I’ll be a good sport,

We will get stronger like a tree,

Shining bright like a diamond,

You and me,

Love you from here to eternity,

And beyond,

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    1. Thanks! What’s your name btw? Just curious! Appreciate the positive feedback 🙂
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