Wonderful morning

I had a wonderful morning. Woke up feeling like a millon bucks. I slept so good last night. Probably because I didn’t stay up late, I went to bed 11.30PM Norwegian time. I have had problems sleeping the last weeks. It’s detremental too my mood, it’s been tough. Anyways, today was a good day, to be honest. The first thing I did was check if I had get my grades from school. I hadn’t so I called the school, just too check when it’s coming. I found out it’s coming on monday (21.6). I am looking so forward too it. A end of a chapter is gonna be behind me, and a new chapter with all it’s glory is gonna stand in front of me.

Vitamin D’s

After checking grades and calling the school, I went outside too catch some vitamin D’s. I didn’t plan on going in the water, but I ended up doing it anyway. It was cold. Even colder than I imagined. Probably, 13-14 degrees. The sun started shining as I went up from the water strip. I laid down and started listening to music. I heard people having fun and I just relaxed with my music, until I had an epiphany, I should check out: Lord Finesse. A great rapper from the 90s era. I listened to a mixtape of Buckwild, with Lord Finesse on it. I said to myself, that’s something I would like to replicate. So I started making the beat, didn’t find the right one, so I went home to think about it. I regularly use Garageband, but this time I had to use Drum Pad Machine. Not the best choice, as my opinion goes, but it’s all right.

Subscribe Subscribe…

After that I have just been chilling like a villain. Being on youtube, and looking at how I could expand my music following. If you’d like, please subscribe to my email list, and get notified of new music releases. I promise I won’t spam you, the email will only go out every four weeks. You can use the signup form to the right.

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