My mind is maid up,

I don’t need a plan,

I survive by force,

Being who I am,

I don’t fear the worst,

I expect it,

So when I face problems,

I don’t question it,

I just live it,

Nike says just do it,

I say give it up,

Stop remembering and think new,

So you,

Can be a better man or woman,

Don’t stop believing,

Cause you shouldn’t,

Faith in yourself is important,

What is life if we don’t make it,

No one is making it for you,

So just fake it until it becomes true,

Swallow the pride and live like a normal person,

If someone ask you why you are like that,

Just say I am a merchant,

I meet people with poise,

So I can leave them with a choice,

Too fill a void,

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