Unemployment leaves me worried,

I must find a job, in a hurry,

People telling me don’t worry,

You’ll find one sooner or later,


This insecurity leaves me scared of the future,

Maybe this wound has no suture,

I must be loos, but how can I be looser,

I am tense all over like I didn’t hear no hooter,

I am feeling more alone, as I’ve grown,

There’s no meaning to my world,

I need a place to call my home,

Not a place where I can be hurled,

I am not supposed to feel this way,

It’s all wrong,

I am not supposed to be this way,

I can feel it in my bone,

I don’t see the best in others,

Because they don’t respect me,

I am fluttered of people kicking me,

No wrong can be undone,

Still you got to go on,

Tension between a father and son,

Can be strong,

You got to respect each other,

And trust the bond,

Unemployment does me wrong,

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