Why are we here?

It’s so unspeakable,

I can’t escape this rat race,

Break off mind blown,

I am faded,

Let me speak words,


My mind is made up,

I turn around,

See angry faces,

Smell you later,


I am a lost boy,

Can’t be understated,

Leave me alone,

Pain in my ears,

Coming up with magic sticks,

Stick around and see me,

Never let me down,

Hope for a future that’s bright,

Cheesing all the way to the bank,


Ain’t no thing but a chicken,

Going in circles,

Fire it up,

Roof is on top,

Say hello to my little friend,

Hello is there somebody out there,

This is that real shit,

Make you’re mouth shut up,

You never seen anything like this,

So high up it ain’t going down,

The force is strong with me,

Lay low,

Bite me off,

Say hello,

It’s so lame,

Be good to me,

Let me see what you got,

Bring it on,

Rap about it,

See it and feel it,

Don’t wait for me,

I cry along with you,

What did I say,

Never let me down,

Falling down,

Leave me alone,

Say something,

Like me or not,

I ain’t here to please,

6 Replies to “What can I do”

      1. because of comfort zone,we want to fit in,even if purpose stared you right in the face you won’t even fidget,because we want to flow with the crowd.
        purpose sets you apart from the norm,it isolates you.the human capacity lacks the fire to launch you into it,so purpose finds you often through circumstances of pain and discomfort .
        which will cause you to take that journey,good dey

        1. Wow. Powerful stuff. Was just tyinking about power, respect and money. How these things really correlates. With money comes power and with power comes respect.

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