What’s up and how are you?

Isn’t it time to think of something new,

Stop the intricacy, no time for integrity,

The sky is blue,

Time to think about the possibilities of moving through,

The drugs has only been hell for you,

Occupying the woods with no plan,

Suddenly there’s money in my hand,

The feeling is strong to break free,

Still I feel like I don’t have the motherfucking fight in me,

Burning trees thinking of criminality,

No hope for us all right,

Seeking intimacy and positivity,

The lord brings an argument,

Staying strong being alive,

Hoping I survive,

I am tired because I’ve tried,

In this I haven’t lied,

More people more problems,

Thinking it’s time to hide,

It’s not good to be complaining,

Usually I thought it was entertaining,

When I wasn’t the one degrading,

Now the new old and forever changing,

No love lost stop interfering,

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