You may think that not everything is possible to write about. But let me tell you, it’s wrong! No matter what you write about the key is writing something that you can stand behind and gives meaning to you.

How to find meaning in your songs

When thinking about things to write about you may get overwhelmed. Either you have no idea of what to write about or you got plenty of ideas but don’t know how to structure it into a rap song. I will go through these two scenarios and explain what I do and what I have learned from others ro overcome this writing block or lack of experience.

No idea of what to write about? Try these 3 things

  1. Search the net for songs or quotes

It’s ok to find inspiration on the net. I use it for whatever it’s worth to come up with caching titles or themes for my songs. You can ex. Go to search up fiction and a theme and find many titles which are not copyrighted. Or listen to a song you like on youtube and be inspired by that.

2. Write about your own experiences

When it comes to music the most beautiful songs are real stories. When you think about masterpieces in rapping like Dance with the devil by Immortal Technique, Juice by Biggie, dear mama by Tupac you realise that real stories bring something good to the table. Also you don’t need to have the most exciting stories. Most people will be able to relate to a more simple story. The key is to be confident in the way you rap

3. Bloating

A lot of rap music is about bloating about how rich you are, your status, skills in rapping. And this was also a part of rap in the beginning. You were supposed to promote yourself. This style of rapping is a lot easier to do because you can write about aspect of your you that you are confident in. Maybe your smart, got connections have abilities that others don’t have that you can put in a song.

Don’t know how to structure a rap. Try these 3 tips

  1. Write it as a story

The most exciting raps are structured with an beginning, middle and end where there is a red line going through these three sections. When writing a story you need to keep in mind what message you want to give to the listener and stay on topic as much as possible. Like in movies everything that happens and characters involved has to drive the plot further.

2. Write it as a recipe

You have probably heard about the ten crack commandments where Biggie Smalls gives a list of ten rules for selling crack. By choosing this type of writing you can spice things up. Being a rapper means doing something new and different.

3. Chorus first

It is shown that the most popular songs in the music industry have one thing in common. That is having the chorus come not more than 30 seconds into the song. But here also it is best to try out different styles. Also what is usual is to write the chorus first, before vers, intro or everything else you have in the song. This is because if you don’t got a good hook the song is bad anyway and need to be changed. Writing a catchy hook is what keeps the listener rewinding your tracks one more time.

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