Hello, everybody!

You probably noticed when you entered my website the adress changed. That’s because I have changed my domain, from my old domain like2read.blog, to a new domain, basemusic.blog

Why I changed from like2read to basemusic

Now that you know I got a new domain name I wanted to tell you why I changed it. It’s not because I don’t like the name anymore, actually I would have still kept it if it wasn’t for the real reason. The real reason is that I don’t write content anymore. I have gone from writing short stories to writing poems, and now, I have gone from writing poems to producing music. So the change of domain name is because I have changed the content of my website. Going from writing poems to producing music. Base is my artist name, which is also my middle name I got from when I was born. My full name is Alexander Hunde Myrvold and Hunde translated from ethiopian to english means Base. I got that name from when I was adopted at a adoption firm. I don’t know my biological parents, but the name reminds me where I am coming from.

Now, what are you going to write music about Base? and what genre are you in?

Since I have a crappy voice singing is not my thing. But since I love writing and rhyming words, I thought hey, let’s give rapping a go. I started rapping december 2018, and I’ve loved it since. It’s been a complete game changer for me. I have learned so much and grown personally from doing this.

I hoped you could help me decide what to write about. I have already been writing songs about love, friendship, politics, depression, anxiety, life lessons and so on. Still, I think it would be fair for you to take part in what my songs should be about.


  • changed domain name from like2read.blog to basemusic.blog
  • It’s because I am no longer writing poems but producing music
  • I started making music december 2018, and loved it ever since
  • I want to let you decide what my songs are going to be about

So, please let me know. What suggestions do you have for themes to write about? Is there something your going through or feelings you have that you would like for me to put in a song. Could be anything. Write it down in the comment section and let me know!

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