Mack 10 by the bed,


Giving you lead,


I’m joking,


it’s not what I said,


Hip hop is like money,


It grows with time,


Only you’re not realizing,




the divine,


From time to time,


I do get mine,


When I don’t,


I wait in line,


It’s supposed to be,


Can’t you see,


Ya’ll are wack,


Straight up nut sack,


You wish you were black,


Why do you like that,


It’s time to play,


Why are you arguing,




It’s living time,


You got to rewind,


Fresh music out the box,


Say no to slinging rocks,


Up top hop,


It’s not,


Why you stop,


Holding my head down,


Always underground,


If I were you,


I would have unbound,


I don’t pray,


But I remember the days of my youth,


Feeling the beat kicking,


in my boots,


Hoping I can wait,


for a feeling of loot,




On the block,


Man’s not hot,


Wishing I was a dreamer,


But I’m a believer,


Days looking sweater,




What’s up with that,


Wanna kick back,


Take your time out,


Then relax,


It’s moments like these I say to myself,




It’s late,


I don’t want to wait,


Still kicking it,


Keeping it straight,





Speaking of which,


Here comes a twist,




Why you looking at me like this,


You’ll never be missed,


Hoping you can wish,


Take my name out of you’re mouth,


You’re haute,


Not what I’m about,


Making it rain,


Taking a different route,


Hitting up girls,


Not a boy scout,


Good morning sir,


Got the dick out of you’re mouth,


It’s looking good for me,










You’re history,


I will not stop,


I’ll be here,


When you’re not,


Making it pop pop,


Leave you’re body to rot,


Leaving you with a peace of mind,


Returning to my cave,


It’s people like you I feed of,


You’re like Rudolph,


You’re nose I chewed off,


Came up with a new thought,


Why you soft,


Taking time out to meditate,


Cause it makes me elevate,


Don’t be fake,


No need to hate,

Every dog has its day,


That’s why I’m never late,






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