I am open to new experiences,

The bubble I live in is getting bigger,

The thoughts I put in my mind are getting stronger,

I am free finally,

The dark has let go,

I am in wonderland,

The magical place where everything goes right,

I don’t wish to be a bore,

But I can’t imagine a better place,

The feeling of bliss enlightening me,

I am who I want to be,

The tropical thunder,

Leaving me with wonder,

I supposedly should be home by now,

But the urges was to strong,

I want to laugh out loud,

No more sleep is needed,

I am off without it,

I want to be seen,

No doubt about it,

The music in my ears brings me joy,

Gladfully tearing up,

Nothing wrong,

The mist of misery is giving me absence,

No wonder now,

I am in wonderland,

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